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Right now I'm off to spend fall 2011 in Amman, Jordan, and then spring 2012 in Madrid, Spain, far away from picturesque Georgetown University on the hilltop and even farther from my hometown in sunny southern California to spend my junior year abroad! I'll be sharing photos (tons, since I'm lugging three cameras over there), tales (hopefully I'll end up with some funny/fun ones), and cultural observations (we all want to know if burkinis really do exist!) from my adventures to come.

aqaba the beautiful

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aqaba, i love you

Aqaba was possibly one of the most fun weekends of my life. For those of you who are familiar with Georgetown Day (hoya saxa!), it was that level of debauchery but at a 5-star resort with a private beach, five pools, and absolutely amazing weather. What is Aqaba? A beautiful resort town on the Red Sea at the southern tip of Jordan. Standing on the beach, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel feel as though they are a stone’s throw away—you can clearly see the skyline of Israel’s Aqaba equivalent. What is Aqaba not? A cultural experience. Ha—at all. At times throughout this weekend, I’d start to think that we were in Mexico, or the Carribean, or the Greek islands, and then I’d see a woman swimming in a waterproof burqa and remember that we were still in the Middle East, still in the Arab world, still in Jordan.

Bottom line: I will never, ever forget swimming up to the in-pool bar in my bikini and drinking a frosted pint of beer WHILE IN JORDAN. This place continues to confuse me, but in the best possible way. TAKE ME BACK TO AQABA NOW. 

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